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Keystone Tutoring was established in 2016 by a current teacher with many years of teaching experience in various grade levels. We offer tutoring services to students in the northwest Houston area. We strive to help students master essential reading and math skills needed to be successful in school and everyday life. Students will have access to math and reading tutors for the same monthly cost. Students can attend up to 2 days a week for 1 hour sessions during business hours. There is a certified teacher on-site at all times. No appointments are necessary. We ensure that our program aligns with state, common core standards, and TEKS. 


The Keystone Method




Keystone Tutoring covers a variety of elements of reading. Phonemic awareness and word solving are critical to decoding words in early grades. Comprehension across different genres (i.e., fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama) is also significant in reading. After an initial reading assessment is given, we personalize your child’s reading plan. As your child advances, our reading tutors modify your child’s learning plan accordingly.




Math is critical to students inside and outside of the classroom. Math is utilized everywhere, from the grocery store to measuring distance traveled. We are here to help whether your child needs help with homework or preparing for an upcoming test. Higher-level thinking and critical problem solving skills are essential to a solid math foundation. Keystone Tutoring is here to help build confidence! 


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